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Getting Started - "The Brutal (but reassuring) TRUTH"

*language warning*

There is no superior form of fitness. There are no better or worse training methods (already the arguments are forming). There certainly isn't an effective overnight solution delivering safe and permanent results (again... More arguments brewing). Fitness is a progression that is dependent on consistency and work as in all other successes in life. The idea of making a million dollars in a month with no previous consistent amounts of work invested would probably involve some pretty risky and possibly illegal activity, so why should turning around your physical appearances and abilities be viewed at with such high transformational expectation? I ask this only because I've been there and I see it.. I see people hoping to take a step in a healthier direction only to be discouraged by seeing no results within a week, weeks, or in a few months...THIS SHIT TAKES TIME!! If you were to implement minor lifestyle changes and build off of that you'd get A LOT farther than trying the gimmick or the fad, seeing it doesn't work and switching to the next and next and next in search of the desired result. Perhaps the time used trying so many different methods could have been used to making an effort to establish better habits (that are less expensive). Begin with movement and activity within your realm and capabilities. BUILD OFF OF THAT. Continue to push yourself more and more. WORK GETS RESULTS! You don't have to walk out of the front door and attempt a mile run only to discourage yourself because you aren't meeting a standard of measure set by someone else not in your shoes.. Just simply walk out of the front door!! And keep doing that until the walk turns into a jog one day and that turns into a run one day and that turns into "sh*t I need to actually buy better running shoes because these hurt but I wanna keep going!!!" You don't need to make any drastic diet changes (unless specific health risks demand it), just simply make better choices. Cut out one thing per week, inch yourself away from what you ALREADY KNOW you shouldn't be eating but still do any way. I get it, I've been there.. That sh*t is hard... IT'S SOOOO DAMN BOMB!!! So eat the healthier stuff more often and get that other BOMB stuff less frequent.. Keep making adjustments to eating it less and less until you now feel sluggish when you eat the bad stuff and actually like the feeling of knowing you ate a bit lighter and healthier. F*ck the results and f*ck instant gratification.. The results will come!! Just keep making better choices and keep your activity level progressing. Soon enough you're looking into joining a gym, joining a class, getting a trainer (cough cough) or trying that new thing that your friends have been talking about. That's where I say THERE'S NO SUPERIOR FORM OF FITNESS!! One doesn't work better than the other, it's more: "one interests me more than the other!!" "One will keep me engaged more than the other".. Remember we said CONSISTENCY!! Not because someone said it works better, but because this workout is actually fun and I like it... THATS THE FITNESS STYLE FOR YOU!!! People talk sh*t about it than cool, but I say if it keeps you interested and engaged.. KEEP DOING IT!!! At the end of the day the only tool that will help you get to where you want to be most effectively is YOUR MIND!! It's ENTIRELY based on mental strength! Not on how fast you can or can't run, how much you can or can't lift, how far you can or can't jog... It's having the mental strength enough to not let yourself stop you from progression. DO NOT compare the rate of your results to the next person.. We all have different minds, different bodies, different habits and different goals. Your interest in seeking a better fitness level should not be discouraged by anything.. This whole approach can be overwhelming with the specifics in diets and fads and workouts and "do this" and "do that" and "this works" and "that doesn't work" and "rub this lamp and you'll look amazing..." yadda yaddaa kjsfdhl kjhsdl ... Just GET OFF YOUR ASS and continue to do so and everything will be A-OK! You got the three most effective tools you need: MIND, BODY, and HEART!! #TeamGOYA

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