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One Eleven Conditioning Club plays host to a collective of established trainers and coaches. Built on a foundation to serve anyone and everyone within our community, our combined experience and philosophy is as inviting, inclusive, and effective as it gets. Take a second to meet the creative and fun personalities of One Eleven Conditioning Club.


Jaime A. Jimenez, Owner/Resident Trainer

Jaime has been training since 2011. What started out as a means of losing weight and bettering his own journey, he found a passion for fitness and helping others. In 2016 he founded One Eleven Conditioning Club with the hopes of bettering the wellness of the community and city he grew up in.  

CERTIFICATIONS: SBBC PT, TRX Group Training, DBC Biomechanic Level 1, Treigning Lab S&C Level O

AREAS OF FOCUS: Weightloss, Athletic Development, Functional, Core, Strength, Conditioning, Youth Development, Balance, Recovery.

FAVORITE WAYS TO WORKOUT: "I personally enjoy listening to my body. Somedays I simply want to push heavy and get lost in the iron, others I'd like to just go for a run to clear the mind. Most workouts turn into getting creative with movements that I know certain clients and athletes can benefit from"

FITNESS PHILOSOPHY: "GET OFF YOUR A** - If change is to be made, work is to be done. I love providing empowerment to those who work with me in order to carry into other facets of their lives"


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JR Corrales, Resident Trainer

With 11 years experience, JR brings a fundamental focus mixed with high energy work. His passion with helping his clients shows within every session. From his interest and experience in sports from Boxing to Baseball, his creativity in programming blends athletic fun with a good sweat.

CERTIFICATIONS: SBBC PT, Treigning Lab S&C Level 1, Treigning Lab Coaches Cert.

AREAS OF FOCUS: Weightloss, Athletic Development, Functional, Core, Strength, Conditioning, Youth Development, Balance, Recovery.

FAVORITE WAYS TO WORKOUT: "Running and Weightlifting"

FITNESS PHILOSOPHY: "I enjoy bringing out the inner athlete in all my clients. Developing programs to each specific client to ensure best results for each individual."


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Corey Turner, Resident Trainer

A Multi-Sport athlete from Concordia University out of Ann Arbor, Michigan - Corey provides plenty of on-field athletic experience and combines that with a genuine love for fitness and helping others reach their goals. Functional strength training and fun are the cornerstones forworking with CT.  

CERTIFICATIONS: BA in Sports/Entertainment Business - Concordia University

AREAS OF FOCUS: Functional Strength Training, Weightloss, Power, Explosivity

FAVORITE WAYS TO WORKOUT: "I am always looking for new ways to hit each muscle group with new movements. I like to do a combination of compound and isolated movements using resistnce training"

FITNESS PHILOSOPHY: "I believe in keeping training fun. I want my clients to be fully confident in the gym and be able to use every type of equipment - be it barbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, cable machine, dumbbells, TRX etc etc. The main goal is to live a healthy lifestyle and I want all the people I work with to be able to achieve this."


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Katrina Lopez, Resident Trainer

With 7 years of experience, Katrina has learned to trust her education and skills to help her clients reach a level of potential they didn't even know was possible. Having worked with a wide variety of clientele over the years, she has genuine  understanding of  her clients' needs, desires, and goals. This could range from building and maintaining strength, injury prevention, overall fitness improvement and performance enhancement.


AREAS OF FOCUS: Powerlifting, Weightloss, High-intensity Strength & Conditioning, Functional Training, Corrective Exercise

FAVORITE WAYS TO WORKOUT: "My favorite way of training consists of heavy lifting which puts emphasis on the three big lifts followed by accessory work that aids in building muscle and correcting muscle imbalances. This is crucial to me as I am a competitive powerlifter who actively participates in the United States Powerlifting Association. What I love most about this sport is that it is not subjective. You don't get judged by the way you look but rather how well you are able to perform."

FITNESS PHILOSOPHY: "I encourage everyone to find something that allows them to build their confidence up, instead of working for something that tears them down. Something that's life changing and empowering in every sense of the word. The time to start is NOW!"


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